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Who we are:

My name is Sarah Gilman, and I am a fourth year medical student graduating from NYITCOM in May of 2022. I grew up in New York, and knew I wanted to be an Emergency Room doctor ever since I was part of the Healthcare Exploration program at Northshore Hospital seven years ago.  I got to rotate through eight different departments, the Emergency Department being the last one.  I worked with a powerful female physician, who happens to still be my mentor and colleague, and she opened my eyes to the most incredible job out there. She made sure each patient felt comfortable and heard, all while thinking critically about their health situation. She worked with a wonderful team of physicians, nurses, PA’s and techs and collaborated about health decisions. I knew it was the field for me, and I’ve never looked back.

Fast forward four, that went fast, and now I am graduating in May of 2022. I’m ecstatic to say I matched Emergency Medicine at Northshore/LIJ, and will be starting as an intern this upcoming July! Can you see what mentors and building relationships has done for me? (disclaimer, I didn’t tell you about how I returned to shadow, volunteer, and eventually work doing research and running an internship program for students interested in EM at Northshore/LIJ!), but back to the story…I will be honest here, this time between finishing my rotations and starting my internship has been hard for me since I am used to working hard and constantly being on the grind. During this time I felt motivated to be creative. At the same time, I felt extremely stressed while thinking about how I was going to pay back my hundreds of thousands of dollars in loans… I got to thinking…well,  I love teaching, and hope to one day have a future in academic medicine including one day being involved in my own residency program…I also thought about the people who taught me, mentored and guided me and how crucial they were to my success including those doctors I met during that internship.

Why don’t I put together a place where I can help advertise students as mentors/advisors/tutors so they can do the same for other students who likely felt the way I did, lost..Why don’t I offer affordable pricing so students who also had loans like me can afford to get mentorship? Why don’t I create a network where students just like me who recently went through the residency application process, match, etc can give advice and personalized help to other students? And that's what really inspired me to create MJC!

I reached out to a dear friend and fellow NYITCOM student Alex for help. Alex, a DO/MBA candidate, is a talented, smart and ambitious guy. Together, he and I came up with the idea of combining our passion for teaching and mentoring with creating a platform where students help other students!